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Material Sourcing/ Procurement Services

SAGA’s Procurement Service Division has been exporting various petroleum & petrochemical related materials to countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania, Maldives, Nigeria, and has developed an international reputation. This activity is being done through a full-fledged procurement department with qualified and experienced professionals with engineering background.

We have developed, in addition to all the standard equipment / material, an excellent network of vendors for supply of various types of pumps, pipes/ fittings, LPG Cylinders with various capacities, various types of valves seals and caps for LPG Cylinders, safety items, plastic seals for tank lorries and tank wagon etc. SAGA has developed excellent relations with manufacturers of above items and entered in to Long Term Contract availing bulk discounts.


  • Quality Material
  • Minimum Delivery Period
  • Competitive Price
  • Databank of Reputed Vendors with large capacity
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