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Tamper-Proof Plastic Seals

Theft, Pilferage, Contamination and Adulteration are the biggest challenges faced by the Petroleum industry in the business of storage and/or transportation of bulk liquid products. Theft of the product causes revenue loss, inconvenience and insurance related problems and adulteration causes great harm to the reputation of the company and in some cases loss of life. There are incidents of heavy losses due to consumption of adulterated and contaminated oil.

Pilferage and adulteration takes place during transportation between loading and unloading points and/or in storage. To discourage unscrupulous elements from such nefarious activities and to fix responsibility on the carriers and security personnel, we have introduced different types of security plastic seals that are non-duplicable and tamper evident. These seals could thwart even the most skilled and determined pilferer.

Our seals are a guarantee against pilferage and adulteration of valuable products while in transit or in storage and are available in various types to suit different applications. To know more about our seals please visit: