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The process of energy conservations is continuing. This can not only made the industry more competitive but can also fulfill the national cause.
SAGA can offer comprehensive studies for Energy Conservation in a phased manner. The studies are suggested to be carried out in two main steps viz:


Carrying out a “Walk through Energy Audit” in the plants. The purpose of this  would be to carry out preliminary study to identify the potential areas of energy conservation keeping in view what has been achieved by your company in the past and the future thrust that may be required to further improve the operations. We will be sharing our experiences.   Such a study can provide some basic inputs and information initially to define the scope and  to conduct detailed and comprehensive studies subsequently.


Based on the outcome of the Walk through Energy Audit, a detailed feasibility study can be performed on the defined scope. Such studies will bring out, alternatives considered, investments required, cost benefit analysis of the schemes, and the actions plans with recommendations.  

Global warming is an area of concern across the world. This has compelled the world to seriously think to take appropriate steps to protect our environment. One of the focal areas is Carbon reduction especially in the industries.  In this regard, CDM (Carbon Development Mechanism) trading is being encouraged and plays an important part in controlling the environment besides giving additional revenues to the companies. Implementation of Energy Conservation measures will offer additional benefits to the company.