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Feasibility Studies

Before a decision to implement a project is taken especially requiring high capital, there is need to establish its viability and to economically justify any proposal. In this regard, feasibility studies need to be carried out. This involves in-depth collection and analysis of the data such as market demand and the supply demand balances for the future scenarios, selection of site, project /process selection including configuration of the process units, Technology source, estimation of capital and operating costs, financial analysis, Environmental impact during construction and subsequent running of the plants, indicating the project execution plans and human resources requirements, etc.

In some cases, there may be need to establish studies to evaluate sale and  acquisition assets for which SAGA has the capabilities to carry out due diligence studies for the prospective clients.

SAGA's Experiences

  • Feasibility Study for setting up of a Well Head Refinery in India
  • Feasibility Study for setting up of a 100,000 BPD Refinery
  • Feasibility Study on Relocation of Refinery
  • Feasibility Study on Construction of Oil Terminals
  • Feasibility Study for setting up of Downstream LPG Infrastructure in Maldives
  • Feasibility Study on Relocation of LPG Plant
  • Due Diligence study of downstream assets in Nigeria