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Shutdown/ Turnaround

It has been observed that many Turnarounds experience schedule slips and cost overruns, which are caused by inadequate planning, despite setting conservative cost and schedule targets. Based on a study it has been found that the turnarounds in the best group on average cost 15% less and were 10% faster than industry average. The turnarounds in the worst group, on average, cost 30% more and are 35% longer than industry average. Incidentally, the best turnarounds also had better safety performance.

SAGA also provides host of services for 'Shutdown and Turnaround Management' in the following areas:

  • World Class Training Program on Efficient Management of Shutdowns and Turnarounds
  • Consultancy services on TAM
  • Deputation of Specialists for assistance during TAM execution

We have delivered solutions across the globe and have a presence in various countries in South Asia, Middle East, North Africa and sub Sahara Africa region. Download TAM Services Catalog